• What is the difference between the 03, 02, and 01 bikes?

    These numbers varies a bit with which family of bikes is being discussed - but generally speaking it's a way to understand the hierarchy of the family and sometimes the materials used in the construction. Our 03, 02, 01 system is a way of saying "good, better, best" regarding the materials used for all of our bikes.

  • Are there weight limits on BMC road bikes?

    There are no weight limits on any of our bikes frames, but please be aware that may not be the case on all the parts you use to build up your new frameset.

  • What BMC road/mountain bike size is right for me?

    Everybody, regardless of weight and height, is different. Your inseam-to-height ratio, the length of your arms, the size of your torso, etc. all factor into determining the correct sizing of a bike.
    As a result, we highly suggests that you don't simply rely on our sizing charts, but also seek professional guidance and recommendations from your local bike shop. Buying a BMC is an investment in your riding experience, ensure your ride is a great one by making sure you've been provided with the proper sized bike.

  • Which BMC road / mountain bike is right for me?

    There are three options for finding the right road/mountain bike for you:
    1- Contact Abloc or your nearest local bike shop for the best first-hand advice; 2 - View the available bikes on Abloc’s website to narrow down your selection by defining your preferences; 3-
    Consult BMC's road bike/mountain bike product page.

  • Is it possible to buy a bicycle directly from BMC?

    We sell our BMC products exclusively through our Abloc website. Please contact Abloc at support@abloc.co.za or through our Contact page to assist.

  • Why don't all BMC dealers stock the entire BMC product range?

    A quick glance at the BMC catalog will reveal a very wide and diverse range of bikes. Likewise, many bike shops specialize in specific types of bikes and rider needs. Some shops carry more mountain bikes, others are road-centric. However, if you are looking for a bike that's not in stock or not displayed on our website, then please contact Abloc to see if we can assist you.

  • Can I buy my road/mountain bike directly from BMC?

    All new BMC's in South Africa can only be purchased through Abloc (Sole & exclusive importer/distributor/retailer of BMC in South Africa).

  • Where can I get spare parts for my bike?

    Your local bike shop can assist you with replacements on most parts for your BMC as well as refer you to various other parts vendors, and can work with you in choosing the correct replacement option that best suits both you and your bike. Abloc has access to BMC-specific spare parts and can be contacted for this directly by you or your local bike shop.

  • Can I buy a BMC road/mountain bike frame only?

    Yes, we do offer a frameset version of many of our road/mountain bikes. Please visit our Shop page or enquire with us through our Contact page.

  • Can I have my frame repainted?

    Please be aware that repainting your bike's frame will void your warranty. Refinishing chemicals can attack, weaken, or destroy the important composite chemical bonds of the carbon tubing. Using abrasives, sanding by means of mechanical action, such as plastic or glass-bead blasting, or using other abrasive methods, such as scraping or sanding, can remove the frame material and weaken it. We therefore do not recommend ever repainting a BMC frame. BMC does not offer a refinishing service, nor should the bike owner do this themselves or have it done by any other professional or non-professional.

  • Can I upgrade the rear shock on my BMC mountain bike?

    Our engineers and product managers spend a lot of time working with equipment partners to ensure each of our full-suspension models come equipped with the perfect tune. As a result, our full suspension bikes are designed as a system and every element plays a role in the overall ride quality. For our bikes to perform the way they were designed, replacing your rear shock is not suggested. Slight custom tuning is a rider-specific option, but we strongly encourage you to work with highly skilled professional suspension technicians.

  • What is APS suspension?

    APS stands for Advanced Pivot System, and it's the acronym we use for our rear suspension concept. APS optimizes kinematics and pivot placements, leverage ratios, axle paths and shock tune. Iterative calculations fine-tune all the suspension properties of each of our distinctive full-suspension models to achieve the best ride characteristics for any terrain. The result is a light, stiff and compact structure that promotes excellent control and energy transfer for the rider.

    Check out BMC's innovation page for more detail.

  • How do I set the rear suspension SAG on my full-suspension mountainbike?

    All BMC full-suspension bikes come equipped with a feature at the junction of the seatstay and linkage called the "Initial Load Indicator" that helps you identify proper sag. Using this indicator, significantly reduces the setup time before heading out onto the trail. When determining proper setup, make sure you take into consideration your ride equipment - if you ride with a hydration/gear pack, make sure you're accounting for this additional weight when preparing to hit the trails. Finally, before hitting the trails, make sure you check your suspension set-up regularly, to ensure proper inflation.

  • How can I become sponsored by BMC?

    BMC sponsors four professional world class and a development racing team, as well as a number of regional teams. If you have the results to prove that you are world class, and you wish to race for a BMC sponsored team, then please contact our teams directly.

  • What are the key points in the warranty policy for BMC bikes?

    BMC provides a voluntary warranty of three years on every frame, and two years on BMC components and paintwork (paintwork one year for bikes before 2014). By registering your new BMC bike on the 'Bike Registration' page, you can extend the warranty on the frame to five years. You can read the warranty provisions in detail on the 'Warranty policy' page.

  • Why should I register my BMC bike?

    By registering your bike, you automatically extend the warranty from three to five years. Certain models may also benefit from our 'Crash replacement' program.

  • Where can I register my BMC bike?

    You can register your new BMC bike within 30 days of purchase by visiting the 'Bike registration' page. Used BMC bikes cannot be registered.

  • Where can I find the BMC serial number?

    The serial number (also known as frame number) can be found in front of or below the bottom bracket. On model year 2014 bicycles or newer, it is printed at the bottom of the QR code.

  • How do I register a warranty claim?

    To submit a warranty claim, please complete our e-warranty form on Abloc's warranty page. Afterwards, once your form has been successfully submitted, Abloc will be in contact with you on the status of your warranty apllication and whether any additional information/photos/physical inspection is required. Abloc will send all the necessary documents to BMC adn revert to you with BMC's decision. Please note that BMC Switzerland cannot process any warranty claims directly from end-consumers.

  • Why can I see the carbon lay-up of my frame through the clear coat?

    BMC’s frames are made mostly using UD carbon fibre. UD stands for unidirectional. Unlike more traditional carbon fibre products that use a woven carbon finish (criss-crossed finish like a woven piece of material), UD carbon is literally a piece of carbon material with the filaments all running in one direction. BMC’s frames are made from many different pieces of UD carbon that are woven together, similar to what is done in textile production. Some of our frames contain around 350 individual pieces of carbon fibre that go into the mould before heating and curing takes place. These material sheets - some very small, some very large - are laid at different angles across each other to achieve different results: torsional strength, compliance areas, rigidity, and so on. The layup of these sheets is extremely important to the end result. This is actually the art of building a carbon fibre frame.

    On our unpainted frames, you can see the result of these carbon fibre sheets overlapping each other through the clear coat covering the frame. We are actually very proud to be able to show this real effect on our frames. It shows not only the true workmanship of the frame, but also the resulting quality as the frame exits our moulds. Many bike manufacturers prefer to paint their frames because there are often many imperfections in the finish that need to be re-worked using a filler before waiting for it to dry, sanding it, and then giving it a final paint job (a bit like a panel shop). This is a cheaper way to finish the frames, ensures you have no reject quantity, and allows you to use less stringent production techniques.

    On unpainted BMC frames, when you look 'into' the frame, you see the actual quality of what’s on the inside – we are showing you our finish and quality and we are very proud of that.

  • Can I get new decals for my bike?

    The decals are covered by a layer of transparent coating. Because of this, the decals cannot be replaced.

  • Who services my BMC bike?

    BMC bikes must be serviced by qualified bike mechanics. Please contact your local bike shop (LBS) with a qualified bike mechanic to arrange a service appointment.

  • How can I contact BMC / Abloc if I have a question?

    If these FAQs do not answer your questions, please get in touch with us by using our Contact page form, or you can email us at support@abloc.co.za and we will do our best to answer it.