Bike Fitment

The Importance of a Professional Bike Fitment

So, you have bought your new bike, had a quick “setup” in the shop or adjusted it on your own in a way that “feels right” for you, and off you go feeling that you’re a Greg Van Avermaet or Julien Absalon reborn. We have all done it at some point, but could it cause any real physical harm if your setup is wrong?

Well maybe not immediately, but in time it is very likely to be the cause of various injuries and pain. You may think that spending that extra few bucks on getting your bike fitment done by a professional isn’t worth it, thinking that it is just another upsell from the salesman. Arguably it might be the best value for your money you can spend to ensure the money you had spent on a new bike goes towards getting the maximum response and enjoyment from it.

Our body geometries are all different with long legs, short legs, long torsos, short torsos, and we have various levels of flexibility, with different injury histories. These unique characteristics, mixed with the fact that there are numerous adjustments possible, make it more complicated than just adjusting the seat height to what your mate says “looks right”. Bike fitment technology has also evolved tenfold in the last two decades, further adding to the complexity that requires specialist input.

What’s involved?

Here are seven things to expect when having your bike fitment done – by a professional:

1. Pre-fitment interview to obtain a rider’s history;

2. Body, feet and sit-bone measurement process;

3. Cleat positioning and inner sole adjustments;

4. Body angle measurement procedure on the bike whilst riding on an indoor trainer;

5. Minor/major adjustments to the bike and the various contact points to the body;

6. Report from the professional fitter with your fitment measurements and angles afterwards;

7. The process takes 1 – 2 hours, depending on the complexity of your bike as well as the amount of adjustments that are required;


What to bring along? – What you should bring along is your favorite cycling bib-shorts, pedals and shoes;

Where do you get fitted? – When you purchase a BMC bike, Road, MTB or TT from Abloc you get a free professional bike fitment by our qualified fitment specialists (Johannesburg / Cape Town / Durban). For us at Abloc, it is crucially important that our customers are dialed in from day one on their new BMC.

Once Fitted? – Note that bike fitment isn’t a once off thing. As time passes you will see personal changes in fitness, flexibility, core strength, weight, skill, and even technique, which will lead to you “out growing” your current setup. If you get to this stage, or even if a long enough period of time passes, it is wise to go and update your fit.

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